Monday, April 6, 2009

Sad day. I took Vanessa to the vet to send her over the bridge. He and I discussed that we believed it was cancer when I took her in three weeks ago . . . didn't have a biopsy, etc., done because I felt the problem was serious enough that very little could be done, especially when a dog is 13-1/2, half blind with cataracts and diminished hearing. Today he confirmed what I thought the problem was: perianal adenocarcinoma, one of the most aggressive cancers. Overall she lost 11 pounds, poor thing. But now she's young again across the bridge, frapping with all the other dogs and puppies.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The best Gypsy could do today was Reserve, but that's not a horrible thing. It's nice sharing the points among friends. 8-) So she is done until the National, if I can go. I hope so!


Good show news yesterday. My friend Rita called to say that Gypsy was WB. Now she has 8 points and 1 major.

Gypsy is a litter-sister to Kennedy and Gracie, from Panda's first litter, sired by Fudge. (Ch. Trudy Tails About Last Night.) She is also Rita's first Cardigan, after breeding and showing Labs for over 30 years. (She bred my Angus.) When I set up with her and a friend at a Sporting Breeds show in New Mexico a year ago, I had brought Cassidy and Laila just for the outing, as I was there to show Angus. Rita fell head over heels in love with Cassidy, my blue boy. She decided she wanted a blue girl. So when Panda's litter was born, there was one blue girl. As she grew on, I felt she had a lot of promise. So at eight weeks I met with Rita halfway between Phoenix and Flagstaff to deliver Gypsy. Rita thought she was stunning. And within a matter of days, Gypsy charmed Rita and her husband, Charlie, completely. Gypsy just turned one, and it's so funny to talk to Rita. This blue girl walks on water.

Since Rita can't go as planned to the National with me because of Charlie's health, she's sending her with me. I'm really looking forward to showing her in Sweeps and the recular classes. Hope I'll have some good news for Rita!