Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Household Additions

I now have only one breedable bitch, Panda--Rosie and Ribbon are retired--so I've been looking at adding girls to my menagerie. As it turns out, I'll be adding several girls over the balance of this year and next year. Panda's going back to Fudge this summer, and I'll keep something from that as last time I let all three pups go to show homes that had been waiting quite a while. Cassidy has his first litter due in three weeks in Michigan, and I'll getting 2nd pick girl from that litter, if all works out. Then Caitlin, Cassidy's sister, will be bred once health clearances are in, and I get pick from that litter. So that's three, though I won't be able to breed these girls until they're two. I'll be going from one brood bitch to four. Wheee!