Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2009 Cardigan National

We (me, Panda, and Cassidy) are home again and recuperating from the Cardigan National. Long drive to/from Topeka, KS, but completely uneventful, happily. Lots of barren plains between Flagstaff and Topeka!

It was a very, very nice National for me. My dogs did quite well in all events. Gypsy, a young blue girl who belongs to a friend unable to attend, accompanied me and lived up to the hopes of her owner and me. She was awarded 1st place in her Sweepstakes class, and 1st in the 12-18 months class; then was one of three pulled out for special consideration as Reserve Winners Bitch. (This wouldn't mean much at an all-breed show, but is definitely a wonderful result at a National.) Gypsy's litter-sister, Gracie, placed 4th in her class. And the mother of both pups, Panda, received one of seven Awards of Merit in the BOB class. Also receiving an AoM was RickyBobby, a Gryphon son, and thus a Panda nephew. The only dog of my breeding who didn't "do" anything was Cassidy, but the truth is that I did not feel he was the judge's kind of dog and fully expected him not to go far in the judging. I entered him so others could see him, as he was very much praised last year.

So all in all I am very pleased with how well my guys did, and am very proud of all of them. When win photos are sent to me, I'll get them scanned and post them here. 8-)