Sunday, November 29, 2009


Miss Caitlin, living in Oregon, whelped her first litter Friday and Saturday. (Yes, two before midnight and the rest after.) They did lose two, but the remaining four are quite strong. Three girls and one boy. She was bred to a very nice black boy, Ch. Coedwig's Malachite, aka Rocky, so all are black.

So now I have to wait until the first of February to go up to Oregon and make my selection.

Yaaayy puppies! Yaaayy Caitlin!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL, including the dogs!


Saturday, November 21, 2009


Yaaayyy! Kennedy did very well at an international show today, winning his 8th BOB, 10th CAC, and 4th CACIB. Wahoo! Congratulations to Taija and Kennedy!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

International Shows

This Saturday Kennedy hits an international dog show. He hasn't been out since the French National, so it will be interesting to see how he does. 8-)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ch. Cheysuli's High Hopes

The wonder of bonding with a dog is far more important than wins, but nonetheless we do show them off to people. I want to list a few highlights of Cassidy's short career.

"Debut: 2007 Southern California Specialty and Orange Empire all-breed shows, at 11 months of age. He won Best in Sweeps at the specialty, and went on to WD at both the Orange Empire shows.

Championship: Was shown again two weeks later at the Fiesta Cluster in Scottsdale, Arizona where he finished. He also was awarded BOB as a class dog over a top special.

Cardigan National: 2007, in Kentucky. He was Runner-Up Best Blue Merle in the Megan, and 2nd in his Sweeps class. He made several cuts in the BOB judging. In Stud Dog, he helped his sire, Fudge, take 2nd Place.

AKC/Eukanuba Show: in 2008, he qualified for the "Invitational" because all of his points came out of Puppy and Bred-By. He was one of the also-rans, but it was still a thrill to step out on the blue carpet with him.

Specials Career: He was very lightly specialed as I waited for him to mature a little, since he finished so quickly. He was awarded a few BOBs.

Litters: In 2009, he sired his first litter.

2009: He was entered in the AKC/Eukanuba show again, this time under a breeder-judge. Unfortunately, he did not live to strut his stuff again.

Cassidy was an incredibly mellow dog, not at all macho. Just sweet and happy-go-lucky, a complete ragdoll when I carried him around cradled in my arms upside down. Initially he was difficult to show because he kept jumping up on me, wagging like crazy. (I finally learned to bait him down low.) He also was fascinated by the grooming table when in the ring and "helped" me lift him onto it by standing up and putting his front paws on the edge. His movement was lovely with terrific reach in front, plus the extention and correct propulsion in the rear. He had an exquisitely beautiful head and lovely ears. Both eyes were brown, and he sported a wonderful black eyepatch over and around his left eye.

He was 2.8 years of age when I sent him to the Bridge.

Godspeed, sweet boy.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Ch. Cheysuli's High Hopes, aka "Cassidy,: 3/17/09 - 11/9/09

Too much damage to his intestines, plus peritonitis. Poor and painful prognosis. I let my vet send him to the Bridge while he was under for surgery.


Cassidy is at the vet. He apparently has an obstruction (or a partial one) and they're trying to get him to pass it with hourly applications to Vaseline, which acts as a laxative and can often move the foreign body (usually rocks)out through the intestinal tract. Did not happen yesterday. Waiting to see if he has to go in to surgery.

Friday, November 6, 2009

ब्लॉग हेल्प

Much going on of late. Slight problem with this blog. I'd like to change the font size for my posts, and am having no luck. I am not tech-savvy. Any suggestions?

In other news, Gryphon entertained a girlfriend for a couple of weeks, but she's gone home now and I'd say he was sad, except one of my girls is now coming in to he's far more interested in her! However, another girlfriend will be coming for him soon, so he'll be happy. 8-)


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Puppies Expected

Caitlin has been ultrasounded and the results are positive. She's expecting puppies right around Thanksgiving. 8-) It's a black-to-black litter . . . I'm hoping there are some of those apparently pure black-and-whites where the points just don't show. The sire is like this, as is his dam, so it's a possibility. Caitlin is brindle-pointed. And if Panda gets the show on the road, I'll have two puppies to play with!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

An American in Paris

Kennedy, aka Cheysuli's Tri To Remember, was awarded BIS at the French Corgi National in Paris today. Yaaay for Taija and Kennedy! 8-) I'm so proud!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Therapy Dog

In two weeks I start a class to train a dog for therapy work. I'm going to use Laila, who is an absolute sweetheart. She is a very happy, accommodating girl, but quiet rather than too vociferous. She's very gentle and can just kill you with her eyes. She really knows how to work them! I think she'll make an excellent therapy dog. I helped with testing a few months ago and decided I really needed to get Laila going. So, now we'll start class in two weeks. 8-)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Absences and Dog Show

Okay, I'm back. Aside from being very busy--and getting on Facebook--I've been having a great deal of trouble with Google. I kept getting told my password was incorrect, even though I have it written down. I'll reset, and then when I try to sign in, I can't. At any rate, I'm here now.

I have gone ahead and entered Cassidy in the AKC/Eukanuba show. I wasn't going to, but this year it's not limited to invitational only. (Though he's eligible anyway.) We have a breeder-judge this year, but mostly because the show is moving to Florida, and I'm not going to Florida. So, we will be there this year after all. Should be a larger entry this year because it's being handled as a "regular" dog show. Regular classes, the works. It's to celebrate the AKC's 125th birthday. I could take Angus-the-Lab also . . . I'm considering it, actually. We'll see.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Megan

Good news came yesterday. I have been selected as one of three who will judge the 2010 Megan Competition at our National. The Megan is basically a breeders' showcase of champions, divided by gender and color. The final lineup will be one dog and one bitch of each color. Each class is judged by two judges, and a random drawing determines which colors/sexes each judge gets. We rotate in and out. Only during the final lineup do the two judges, whoever they may be, confer with one another to select Best Cardigan, BOS, and Runner-Up. The first two rounds the two judges cannot talk to one another.

So I am pleased, and am looking forward to it. It's formal dress for exhibitors,. which means we have to get all gussied up in long gowns. Kinda fun! 8-)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

What A Day!

Kennedy was awarded his sixth consecutive BOB, his seventh consecutive CAC, and his second CACIB at an international show in Sweden today. (Sunday)

PLUS his first litter was born today, five healthy babies.

AND his littermate, Gracie, was awarded one point yesterday, then went BOW today for a 3-pt major.

I am so proud of my kids, and of their owners!


Very pleased to post that Saturday, Gracie picked up her first point. Gracie is littermate to Gypsy and Kennedy, but has been taking her own sweet time about maturing. Kennedy and Gypsy just put things together more quickly. Now maybe Gracie can come into her own. 8-)

Speaking of Kennedy, he's got a show today/Sunday, so I'm hoping to hear good news from Taija. He apparently is trying to blow coat all over, so poor Taija is doing what she can to make him hold coat just a little longer for a few upcoming shows.

Gypsy has been living the life of Riley since our Flagstaff show in June. She needs one point to finish her championship, and we're hoping it's not the 1 point jinx. Though she may have to finish back east, as her owners will be heading back to visit relatives in New Jersey for 5-6 weeks.

Meanwhile, a baby girl came home with me from my visit to Ohio. She's a Cassidy daughter, and half of her pedigree is one I've never worked with, so it will be interesting to see how she grows on. It's a "wait and see" kind of thing, as this is Cassidy's first litter and we have no idea what he can produce, and, as mentioned, the dam's side of the equation is new to my line. Could be good, could be not so good. We'll see!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Puppy Picking

Tomorrow I head down to Phoenix to catch the red-eye to the big regional specialty in Ohio. There I will go over the litter and decide which girl I want, and also have a great time hanging out watching dogs and talking to people I only see once a year at the National. And I really hope I manage to get some sleep on the plane!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Burning Up the Rings

E-mail from Taija this morning, Kennedy's owner in Finland. As of the show today, he has five consecutive BOBs, a sixth CC, and second CACIB, the latter being from international shows.

So that all these letters make sense (I still don't have it all figured out despite Taija's explanation!), a primer:

In the European system, to finish his championship a dog must have three CCs, with one of them coming after the age of two. In the meantime, he can compete for as many CCs as are available. (Think 50 minor points in the U.S., but the dog won't have that championship until two majors are won.)

In Europe, to win a CC (Winners Dog, basically) the dog must defeat ALL dogs, including the specials. Much tougher than the U.S. system.

BOB is straighforward. Group placements, too. But when it comes to BIS, both Corgi breed winners must come back in--and there are placements in BIS. It's BIS-1, BIS-2, etc. Kennedy has a BIS-2.

With this BOB win, he now has won the "Young Corgi of the Year" title (they max out at five, and he was the first to get there), and should end up high on the "Corgi of the Year" title. (All ages)

I may have gotten this all mixed up, but I'm sure Taija can set me straight. 8-)

And I can't tell you HOW EXCITED I am about being able to show him in our National!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kennedy's Record

Kennedy is the dog I sent to Finland last summer, to an exceptionally good home with Taija Potsonen, who sometimes posts here. I found out yesterday that Kennedy has added more burnish to his name by winning a CC, BOB, and a Group 2 last weekend! Gooo Kennedy! So if I remember correctly (and I may not, because the European system is much more convoluted than AKC requirements), he now has five CCs, two CACIBs, four consecutive BOBs, and the Group 2. (CCs move the dog toward his championship, and the CACIB is for international shows. They count toward an international championship, while the CCs count toward his Finnish championship.) And he's just 16 months and has been in 6-8 shows. Not bad for the guy! 8-) Kudos to Taija. I am SO looking forward to showing him at our National Specialty next year, when Taija and Robert come over for 4-5 weeks.

Catching Up

Lost the computer in a huge thunderstorm July 4th (turned off, but not unplugged) when lightning struck the house, which is a 2-story with a metal roof. A friend reminded me my homeowners insurance should cover it, and I remembered I actually had computer-specific personal articles floater. So the company and I worked things out, and I bought a refurbished HP, replaced surge protectors, replaced modem, etc. I (sort of) kept up with e-mail by going to a local cyber cafe, but that was it. Couldn't work on the book other than sketch out notes, etc. (Yes, I was most relieved when all the data was fine!) Definitely drove me crazy with no way to get online. My laptop died a year ago, so no backup for work. I plan to get one of those mini netbooks for work backup and travel. I'm very glad to be back online!

This coming Wednesday I take the red-eye out of Phoenix to Detroit, where I'll be met by Stephanie Hoyer and whisked off to the Western Reserve specialty. I will select my puppy there (the blue goes to co-breeder, so I have a chouice of four blacks), and hang out and watch the shows. Sunday evening I fly back and will spend the night in Phoenix before heading back up to Flagstaff. It will be so nice to have a baby in the house again!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gryphon Puppies

Word came this morning that Gryphon is once again expecting puppies. Four weeks ago he entertained a nice young brindle girl. Who was a sweetheart--except when it came to the AIs. Boy, did she fight! For the last AI, I actually took her into the vet to cover all the bases. She was still horrible. (The bitch, not the vet.) But for all our trouble, she's pregnant! 8-) She'd been bred two different times last year, and neither one took. But it was fresh-chilled semen, and even though the vet checked for motility, she may have something going on that just doesn't like chilled semen. So she came up here and had what I call "live" AIs, where you collect the male and then immediately inseminate the bitch. No chilling involved. So about five weeks from now, Gryphon will be a daddy again. 8-)

Sunday, June 14, 2009


At the big international all-breed show in Finland, Kennedy was awarded his second CC, plus BOB! Now he can compete for more CCs and BOBs, but he won't get his championship until after he's two. But CCs do count toward rankings. 8-)

I am just so thrilled about this! 8-)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Finnish National

Yaahoooo!!! Kennedy, aka Cheysuli's Tri To Remember, was awarded a CC at the Finnish National today. I am so pleased, and so proud of Taija and the boy. What a thrill!

For those not familiar with European shows--and that includes me!--this is like getting WD and five points at our National. He just needs two CCs now!

Congratulations Taija!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tomorrow Is The Day

The Finnish National is tomorrow, yaaay! This will be Kennedy's debut in the specialty. He's had two reserve CCs and all his critiques are wonderful (In Europe the judges write a critique of the dogs), so Taija and I are hoping for a special day. Ironically, the judges are both American, Steve and Marieann Gladstone, who were two of my very first breed mentors many years ago. They have not seen Kennedy, so it will be very interesting to see how the boy does.

For CCs (champion certificates), a dog to gain his championship must win three CCs, and one must come after the dog turns two. So in the meantime we're hoping Kennedy can get his first two out of the way, then have fun trying to win more as he grows on to two. He can win as many CCs as are available, but he won't be a champion until he gets that first CC after he turns two. I've often thought that might be the way to go here in the States.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Flagstaff Show #2

Angus was 4th again today. 8-( In Cardis, Gypsy picked up another point and now needs just one to finish her championship. (Gypsy is Fudge X Panda and litter-sister to Taija's Kennedy.) Skye was third, and Cassidy didn't make BOS today. Same bitch special won, She got a Group 4 yesterday, so we had a Pem =and= a Cardi in the Group placements, which doesn't usually happen. I was tired and sunburned and did not stay for the Herding Group today. (Breaking down an EZ-Up canopy by yourself is particularly "fun" when your back keeps cramping! And there is nothing whatsoever "easy" about EZ-Ups!)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Flagstaff Show #1

Well, the best Angus-the-Lab could muster up was 4th, but at least he was in the ribbons. Different story in Cardigans. Gypsy, whom I bred but belongs to the friend who bred Angus, was WB/BOW, and Cassidy was BOS to the blue girl Bill Shelton's been showing, though he handed her off because he took BOB in Pems immediately prior to Cardis. Skye, whom I showed, was RWB. So I have no complaints!

Nor did Bill Shelton, who took BIS with his Pem. 8-)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Local Shows

Dog shows this weekend here in Flagstaff. For the first time in quite a while, there is no conflict with Labs and Cardigans, so I'll get to show both without having to race back and forth between rings, or having someone else take a dog in for me.

So it's my goofy Angus in Open Black, and a class bitch and a special in Cardigans. Crossing my fingers that someone does well!


Took a visiting bitch to my vet today for an AI. Usually I do this at home, but the prior two AIs she'd just gone nuts on me, and I wanted to cover all bases. At any rate, while there I ran into a guy from my handling class whose Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon had just had puppies two days ago. They were in for dewclaws--and tails. I watched as the vet docked the tails. There was such a sad little lineup of seven discarded tails. 8-( Taking dews off doesn't bother me in the least when I've watched because they're so small and unnecessary, but I didn't like seeing the tails cut off. I'm glad both my breeds-Cardigans and Labs--get to keep the tails they were born with!

Sunday, May 31, 2009


This is Kennedy, the puppy I sent to Finland last summer, taking flight. He leads such a hard life . . .

Those Babies

Well, I have now seen photos of the Cassidy X Eowyn litter. Three black girls, two blue girls. They're not quite two weeks, so of course it will be awhile before quality can be assessed. When I've got puppies and look at them everyday, I can see a few things now and then--length of neck, etc.--but it's impossible to do from photos of "hamsters." One black girl may be a mismark. I'm told she has color that just barely-barely touches the outer corner of one eye. At any rate, Lynn Griner, co-owner of Eowyn, gets pick, and I follow up with #2. I haven't had a baby to keep for two years, as all of Panda's last year went to other homes, so I'm psyched. 8-)

Anyone else adding to their menagerie?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Those Terms

AI. It means different things to different people. And it's amusing to see how people react based on their own "genre."

To all my fantasy/science fiction friends, it means "artificial intelligence."

To all my dog show friends, it means "artificial insemination."

And there's a third one, but my mind has blanked on it, dang it. At any rate, it is amusing to see the reaction of my f/sf friends when I toss in a statement about AIing a dog. They may think I mean to give my dog artificial intelligence.

And of course "black bitch" can get you into trouble if you're in a restaurant. And to puppy buyers who bring their kids along, I try to remember to call a bitch a "female."

Then there's "dog" meaning male; and "dog" meaning species.

I've always been interested in linguistics, and I believe a study could be done on the culture of serious exhibitors, pro and amateur. 8-)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cassidy's A Daddy

My blue boy, Cassidy, is now officially a father. Six pups were born yesterday in Michigan, and all are girls! Since I get 2nd-pick bitch, I'm tickled--this means that after the breeder takes her pick, I've still got five to look at.

There are four black girls, and two blue girls. I'd actually prefer a black bitch, as Panda--my remaining breedable bitch--is blue. But I'll take the best puppy available.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Delta Therapy Testing

Yesterday I spent most of the day being part of a "crowd" at therapy dog testing. Passing this test is required of any dog+handler team before they can visit hospitals, nursing homes, schools, etc. , for which they must ne certified. I had never seen testing done before and I found it fascinating. The dogs are put through all kinds of situations, such as having a guy in a wheelchair roll right up to them, a guy in a walker who is unsteady, etc. The crowd is needed for two tests: one where as the dog is walked across a room, we all start speaking loudly and wandering all around the dog and handler, getting in their way, etc., Another bit is all of us gathering around the dog in a tight circle, kneeling down to pet the dog all over at the same time. It takes about 20 minutes to put each dog through all of the "challenges." Yesterday I think we had 12-15 dogs, and all passed. However, there are two levels: Predictable, which means the team is only allowed in circumstances where it's known certain things will occur, such as having school kids reading to the dog. Then there's Complex, which means the dog can go into any situation at all. I was inspired to start one of my dogs in training. 8-)


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Albuquerque Shows

A friend and I are heading off to Albuquerque, NM for dog shows this weekend. There is a Lab specialty on Friday, so Angus and I will strut our stuff; I'm bringing a Cardi girl I bred, but she lives with her family here in Flagstaff. The annoying thing is that I have a conflict both days! So Skye may well be shown by someone else. 8-( Not fair!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Household Additions

I now have only one breedable bitch, Panda--Rosie and Ribbon are retired--so I've been looking at adding girls to my menagerie. As it turns out, I'll be adding several girls over the balance of this year and next year. Panda's going back to Fudge this summer, and I'll keep something from that as last time I let all three pups go to show homes that had been waiting quite a while. Cassidy has his first litter due in three weeks in Michigan, and I'll getting 2nd pick girl from that litter, if all works out. Then Caitlin, Cassidy's sister, will be bred once health clearances are in, and I get pick from that litter. So that's three, though I won't be able to breed these girls until they're two. I'll be going from one brood bitch to four. Wheee!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2009 Cardigan National

We (me, Panda, and Cassidy) are home again and recuperating from the Cardigan National. Long drive to/from Topeka, KS, but completely uneventful, happily. Lots of barren plains between Flagstaff and Topeka!

It was a very, very nice National for me. My dogs did quite well in all events. Gypsy, a young blue girl who belongs to a friend unable to attend, accompanied me and lived up to the hopes of her owner and me. She was awarded 1st place in her Sweepstakes class, and 1st in the 12-18 months class; then was one of three pulled out for special consideration as Reserve Winners Bitch. (This wouldn't mean much at an all-breed show, but is definitely a wonderful result at a National.) Gypsy's litter-sister, Gracie, placed 4th in her class. And the mother of both pups, Panda, received one of seven Awards of Merit in the BOB class. Also receiving an AoM was RickyBobby, a Gryphon son, and thus a Panda nephew. The only dog of my breeding who didn't "do" anything was Cassidy, but the truth is that I did not feel he was the judge's kind of dog and fully expected him not to go far in the judging. I entered him so others could see him, as he was very much praised last year.

So all in all I am very pleased with how well my guys did, and am very proud of all of them. When win photos are sent to me, I'll get them scanned and post them here. 8-)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sad day. I took Vanessa to the vet to send her over the bridge. He and I discussed that we believed it was cancer when I took her in three weeks ago . . . didn't have a biopsy, etc., done because I felt the problem was serious enough that very little could be done, especially when a dog is 13-1/2, half blind with cataracts and diminished hearing. Today he confirmed what I thought the problem was: perianal adenocarcinoma, one of the most aggressive cancers. Overall she lost 11 pounds, poor thing. But now she's young again across the bridge, frapping with all the other dogs and puppies.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The best Gypsy could do today was Reserve, but that's not a horrible thing. It's nice sharing the points among friends. 8-) So she is done until the National, if I can go. I hope so!


Good show news yesterday. My friend Rita called to say that Gypsy was WB. Now she has 8 points and 1 major.

Gypsy is a litter-sister to Kennedy and Gracie, from Panda's first litter, sired by Fudge. (Ch. Trudy Tails About Last Night.) She is also Rita's first Cardigan, after breeding and showing Labs for over 30 years. (She bred my Angus.) When I set up with her and a friend at a Sporting Breeds show in New Mexico a year ago, I had brought Cassidy and Laila just for the outing, as I was there to show Angus. Rita fell head over heels in love with Cassidy, my blue boy. She decided she wanted a blue girl. So when Panda's litter was born, there was one blue girl. As she grew on, I felt she had a lot of promise. So at eight weeks I met with Rita halfway between Phoenix and Flagstaff to deliver Gypsy. Rita thought she was stunning. And within a matter of days, Gypsy charmed Rita and her husband, Charlie, completely. Gypsy just turned one, and it's so funny to talk to Rita. This blue girl walks on water.

Since Rita can't go as planned to the National with me because of Charlie's health, she's sending her with me. I'm really looking forward to showing her in Sweeps and the recular classes. Hope I'll have some good news for Rita!

Friday, April 3, 2009

This Is Priceless!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Not Gettysburg!!!

Um, I meant to say we're driving to Topeka, KS. Gettysburg is NEXT year--and it would take a great deal longer to drive there from Flagstaff!

The National

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America is set to host the National Specialty beginning March 11th. The first few days are for performance events, such as obedience, herding, agility, etc. Then on Tuesday the 14th, conformation events begin. I plan to arrive Tuesday in the late afternoon or early evening, after driving from Flagstaff to Gettysberg, Pennsylvania. Two long days in the van, though two of us will share driving. I'm taking Panda and Cassidy as BOB entries, and will also be taking a Panda daughter, Gypsy (Kennedy's sister) since her owner is unable to travel because of her husband's health. Gypsy shocked everyone, including me, by debuting at her first show in 6-9 Months Puppy by taking BOB over specials *and* went on to take 4th in the Herding Group. This is extremely rare. But the breed judge was also doing the Herding Group, and obviously liked Gypsy so much he couldn't pass her up in the group for older, more experienced dogs. My friend Rita was thrilled.

Rita has been in Labs for over 30 years--she bred Angus--and had never expected to have another breed, but she fell in love with Cassidy and decided she wanted a blue girl. Panda very nicely cooperated and whelped a lovely blue girl. Gypsy was definitely promising, so she went to Rita and start growing into her promise. So since Rita won't be there, I'll show Gypsy for her in Sweeps and in the regular bitch classes. I feel badly that Rita can't come, but am very pleased to be able to show off Gypsy. And the only reason I haven't posted a win picture is because she ate it!

Dogs In Residence

There you have all my guys, though a couple have crossed the Bridge. As time goes on I'll add more photos and posts, but for now you've experienced the big--and long--introduction. 8-)


Here is my token big dog, Rochar Cheysuli Back to Black. Two years after I lost my last Lab to old age, I decided my family wasn't complete without a Lab. So he came to live with me at 8 weeks. He is a big, sweet, goofy boy. So far he has 2 points toward his championship. It's tough juggling two breeds, hoping there aren't scheduling conflicts, so Angus hasn't been shown a great deal. He just turned 2, and I will begin showing him more regularly starting in May 2009. This photo was taken at 15 months; he's grown up quite a bit since then!


Ch. Kismet Cheysuli Wild Blu Yonder, CD, was my very first Cardigan. He did very well in the breed ring, and even picked up a couple of Group placements. But his biggest brag was winning Best In Specialty Show at the Californa specialty. What a high for an owner-handler! Pilot was a beautiful mover. He sired Ch. Kismet Cheysuli Blu Denim, who won a Group placement and went on to produce Cloudy.


This is the dog who started it all for me with regard to conformation, Char-Don's Sassy Sword-Dancer. I had been in competitive obedience for 14 years, and at class I became friends with a Cardigan breeder, Debby Burnett. When I lost my big black Lab--his CD won at 8 months of age--Debby suggested I buy a show prospect and try the breed ring; if I didn't like it, she said, I could go back to just doing obedience. Hah! I was immediately hooked. Sassy x-rayed as dysplastic at age two after winning three points and a BOB (much harder to finish Labs than Cardigans!), so she was retired from the breed ring and spayed. I did go on with her in obedience, and she attained a CDX.


This pretty girl is Ch. Dwysan Cheysuli Blackberry Cobbler, bred by Kathy Davis. Brenna flew home with me from Florida many years ago and became a wonderful member of my growing Cardi family. She had lovely type combined with the elegance I like. She finished her championship easily. In the whelping box, she produced Gizzi, who went on to work for the Phoenix Fire Department in educating children about how to survive a fire; Ribbon, who won the Megan and an AoM at the 2004 National; and a sole boy, Bonus, who went on to become only the second dog in Cardigan history to acheive a Dual Championship, owned and trained by Duane Forbes. In the breed ring he picked up a couple of Group placements, but his real forte was herding. I can't even remember all of his titles!

Unfortunately, at age four I lost Brenna to illness. 8-( But she does live on in her children, for which I'm very grateful.


Meet Vanessa, aka Kollage-Kismet's First Class. Vanessa was bred by Kathy Harper and as a puppy went to live with Debby Burnett, my original breed mentor. Though one of the happiest dogs ever seen in the breed ring with a tail that wagged so hard her butt wagged, too, she just never could win any points. I acquired her at age two, and I didn't do any better with her than Debby did! I bred her to Cloudy and she produced the Christmas litter, thus is Stuff's mom-dog. Later on I did try agility with her, but she really just wanted to hang out at home, so I retired her. She is 13.5 (Note: Vanessa crossed the bridge April 7th because of an agressive cancer. Godspeed, sweetheart.)


Here is Stuff-Puppy, Ch. Cheysuli's Stocking Stuffer. Though I don't usually do themes in my litters, Stuff and his siblings were born Christmas Eve 1999. So the entire litter had Christmas names. Stuff was such a cute puppy with his bright tan points that I could imagine him peeking out from a Christmas stocking. Unlike some others, Stuff did not do any major winning, though he did get his championship, but was my heart dog. At age four he herniated a disk and had to have emergency surgery, but fortunately he did very well. He recovered at about 90% of normal. Though his gait is affected, he runs around all over the place and never even notices. Stuff is a Cloudy son.


This is not the best photo in the world, but I can't find another at the moment. This is Cloudy, Ch. Cheysuli's Silver Lining. He was the first boy I kept from a litter I'd bred. He was a very "clean" mover with impressive sidegait. He was BOS in Sweeps at a supported entry in Houston, way back when, and went on to win many BOBs and even a few Group placements. Cloudy later sired a very lovely daughter: Ribbon, and is thus grandfather to Cassidy and his sisters. His grandfather was my first Cardigan, Pilot.


Ch. Winbuck's Lyric came to live with me at six months of age. I felt that I needed to bring more type into my breeding program, and Rosie had it in spades. It took awhile for her to grow into herself--she had the gangly "puppy uglies" for several months--and then suddenly she blossomed. At the California Specialty in 2003, she was Winners Bitch/Best of Winners and received an Award of Merit. But her greatest accomplishment, as far as I'm concerned, is that she produced the litter containing Panda and Gryphon. So she did exactly what I acquired her for: produced lovely puppies who exhibited better type. Thank you, Rosie!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kennedy's Birthday Party

Kennedy was served a special "cake" for his 1st birthday, and was given many wonderful toys.


Last summer, this youngster--Cheysuli's Tri To Remember-- moved to his new home in Finland, joining a blue "brother" called Merlin. He belongs to a wonderful owner who's been doing great things with him. At major puppy shows, he is 6-for-6 in Best of Breed wins, and also nabbed a Group 1 placement. He's now begun his quest for a CC (Challenge Certificate), which is awarded throughout Europe. He needs three to become a Finnish champion, and then will try for his International titles, and championships in other European countries. If all goes well, Kennedy will fly back to the US with his owners, Taija and Robert, to show in the 2010 National. Kennedy is from Panda's first litter, and is half-brother to Cassidy.


Here's Gryphon, aka Ch. Cheysuli Jumpin' Black Flash. Gryphon is a litter-brother to Panda. This photo is of him at the 2005 National, where he was awarded Reserve Winners Dog. Which usually isn't a big thing at all-breed shows, but when there are 70 boys entered at the National, RWD is a thrill! At the California Specialty with Panda in 2005, he acheived a brag by winning Best In Sweepstakes and Winners Dog. Gryphon has been siring some very nice litters, including multiple Group placers.


This is Panda, aka Ch. Cheysuli's Peekaboo Blue. She got the name because she is a "cryptic" merle: genetically speaking she is a blue merle just like all the ones with vivid marbling (Ribbon and Cassidy, for instance), but the merling was only expressed in three very small spots that are now hidden by her adult coat. She appears to be a tri. Big Brag: At the California Specialty in 2005, Panda was Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Best Puppy, and received an Award of Merit.


This is Mr. Cassidy, aka Ch. Cheysuli's High Hopes. I plan to start specialing him on a regular basis; I've been waiting for him to grow up a bit, with only occasional shows. He just turned 2 on March 17th, 2009--St. Patrick's Day! (This is why a Welsh dog has an Irish name.) Big Brag: Cassidy won Puppy Sweepstakes at the California Specialty, and went on to finish his championship in two weekends.


This is Ribbon, aka Ch. Cheysuli's Liquid Silver. Ribbon's Brag: In 2004 at the Cardigan National Specialty, Ribbon won the Megan Competition (breeders' showcase), and then went on to an Award of Merit in Best of Breed from breeder-judge Cathy Ochs-Cline. It was quite a specialty!