Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Megan

Good news came yesterday. I have been selected as one of three who will judge the 2010 Megan Competition at our National. The Megan is basically a breeders' showcase of champions, divided by gender and color. The final lineup will be one dog and one bitch of each color. Each class is judged by two judges, and a random drawing determines which colors/sexes each judge gets. We rotate in and out. Only during the final lineup do the two judges, whoever they may be, confer with one another to select Best Cardigan, BOS, and Runner-Up. The first two rounds the two judges cannot talk to one another.

So I am pleased, and am looking forward to it. It's formal dress for exhibitors,. which means we have to get all gussied up in long gowns. Kinda fun! 8-)