Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gryphon Puppies

Word came this morning that Gryphon is once again expecting puppies. Four weeks ago he entertained a nice young brindle girl. Who was a sweetheart--except when it came to the AIs. Boy, did she fight! For the last AI, I actually took her into the vet to cover all the bases. She was still horrible. (The bitch, not the vet.) But for all our trouble, she's pregnant! 8-) She'd been bred two different times last year, and neither one took. But it was fresh-chilled semen, and even though the vet checked for motility, she may have something going on that just doesn't like chilled semen. So she came up here and had what I call "live" AIs, where you collect the male and then immediately inseminate the bitch. No chilling involved. So about five weeks from now, Gryphon will be a daddy again. 8-)