Thursday, May 28, 2009

Those Terms

AI. It means different things to different people. And it's amusing to see how people react based on their own "genre."

To all my fantasy/science fiction friends, it means "artificial intelligence."

To all my dog show friends, it means "artificial insemination."

And there's a third one, but my mind has blanked on it, dang it. At any rate, it is amusing to see the reaction of my f/sf friends when I toss in a statement about AIing a dog. They may think I mean to give my dog artificial intelligence.

And of course "black bitch" can get you into trouble if you're in a restaurant. And to puppy buyers who bring their kids along, I try to remember to call a bitch a "female."

Then there's "dog" meaning male; and "dog" meaning species.

I've always been interested in linguistics, and I believe a study could be done on the culture of serious exhibitors, pro and amateur. 8-)