Saturday, June 6, 2009

Flagstaff Show #1

Well, the best Angus-the-Lab could muster up was 4th, but at least he was in the ribbons. Different story in Cardigans. Gypsy, whom I bred but belongs to the friend who bred Angus, was WB/BOW, and Cassidy was BOS to the blue girl Bill Shelton's been showing, though he handed her off because he took BOB in Pems immediately prior to Cardis. Skye, whom I showed, was RWB. So I have no complaints!

Nor did Bill Shelton, who took BIS with his Pem. 8-)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Local Shows

Dog shows this weekend here in Flagstaff. For the first time in quite a while, there is no conflict with Labs and Cardigans, so I'll get to show both without having to race back and forth between rings, or having someone else take a dog in for me.

So it's my goofy Angus in Open Black, and a class bitch and a special in Cardigans. Crossing my fingers that someone does well!


Took a visiting bitch to my vet today for an AI. Usually I do this at home, but the prior two AIs she'd just gone nuts on me, and I wanted to cover all bases. At any rate, while there I ran into a guy from my handling class whose Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon had just had puppies two days ago. They were in for dewclaws--and tails. I watched as the vet docked the tails. There was such a sad little lineup of seven discarded tails. 8-( Taking dews off doesn't bother me in the least when I've watched because they're so small and unnecessary, but I didn't like seeing the tails cut off. I'm glad both my breeds-Cardigans and Labs--get to keep the tails they were born with!

Sunday, May 31, 2009


This is Kennedy, the puppy I sent to Finland last summer, taking flight. He leads such a hard life . . .

Those Babies

Well, I have now seen photos of the Cassidy X Eowyn litter. Three black girls, two blue girls. They're not quite two weeks, so of course it will be awhile before quality can be assessed. When I've got puppies and look at them everyday, I can see a few things now and then--length of neck, etc.--but it's impossible to do from photos of "hamsters." One black girl may be a mismark. I'm told she has color that just barely-barely touches the outer corner of one eye. At any rate, Lynn Griner, co-owner of Eowyn, gets pick, and I follow up with #2. I haven't had a baby to keep for two years, as all of Panda's last year went to other homes, so I'm psyched. 8-)

Anyone else adding to their menagerie?