Sunday, August 16, 2009


Very pleased to post that Saturday, Gracie picked up her first point. Gracie is littermate to Gypsy and Kennedy, but has been taking her own sweet time about maturing. Kennedy and Gypsy just put things together more quickly. Now maybe Gracie can come into her own. 8-)

Speaking of Kennedy, he's got a show today/Sunday, so I'm hoping to hear good news from Taija. He apparently is trying to blow coat all over, so poor Taija is doing what she can to make him hold coat just a little longer for a few upcoming shows.

Gypsy has been living the life of Riley since our Flagstaff show in June. She needs one point to finish her championship, and we're hoping it's not the 1 point jinx. Though she may have to finish back east, as her owners will be heading back to visit relatives in New Jersey for 5-6 weeks.

Meanwhile, a baby girl came home with me from my visit to Ohio. She's a Cassidy daughter, and half of her pedigree is one I've never worked with, so it will be interesting to see how she grows on. It's a "wait and see" kind of thing, as this is Cassidy's first litter and we have no idea what he can produce, and, as mentioned, the dam's side of the equation is new to my line. Could be good, could be not so good. We'll see!


Jennifer Roberson said...

Just got the news that Kennedy won BOB in Sweden. This is his 6th consecutive BOB win. And as it was an international show, he also picked up his seventh CACIB, and also got the Swedish certificate. 8-)

I'm still trying to learn the European system of awards. Not easy! But the Swedish certificate means, I think, that he's on his way to become a Swedish champion. The CACIB is the international award, and I've forgotten how many he needs to become an nternational champion.

And in other news, his first litter hit the ground this morning. Yaayy for the dad-dog!

Holly said...

Congrats Jennifer! Glad things are going so well!