Monday, June 1, 2009

Local Shows

Dog shows this weekend here in Flagstaff. For the first time in quite a while, there is no conflict with Labs and Cardigans, so I'll get to show both without having to race back and forth between rings, or having someone else take a dog in for me.

So it's my goofy Angus in Open Black, and a class bitch and a special in Cardigans. Crossing my fingers that someone does well!


Taija said...

Fingers (and paws!) crossed! Kennedy will, however, be crossing his while having the time of his life with his first girlfriend:)

Spons7 said...

Good luck, today was day one of a four day called Woofstock here in Vallejo. Today Captain took class, Winners Dog, and then BOW. Only 1 point but we are thrilled. Again good luck

Jennifer Roberson said...

Ah, but one point--the first point--is always special. Congratulations!

And our little Kennedy is growing up!