Saturday, June 6, 2009

Flagstaff Show #1

Well, the best Angus-the-Lab could muster up was 4th, but at least he was in the ribbons. Different story in Cardigans. Gypsy, whom I bred but belongs to the friend who bred Angus, was WB/BOW, and Cassidy was BOS to the blue girl Bill Shelton's been showing, though he handed her off because he took BOB in Pems immediately prior to Cardis. Skye, whom I showed, was RWB. So I have no complaints!

Nor did Bill Shelton, who took BIS with his Pem. 8-)


Taija said...

Congrats! Will be looking forward to hearing news from today's show as well!

Traci said...

Congrats Jennifer!! :) Hooray! :)

Jennifer Roberson said...

And all day yesterday I thought it was the Finnish specialty and I was wondering how Kennedy had done. When I came home and there was no e-mail about it, I checked the calendar and realized the specialty is NEXT Saturday. Brain-fade!

Holly said...

CONGRATS!! What does Gypsy need to finish?

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