Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Catching Up

Lost the computer in a huge thunderstorm July 4th (turned off, but not unplugged) when lightning struck the house, which is a 2-story with a metal roof. A friend reminded me my homeowners insurance should cover it, and I remembered I actually had computer-specific personal articles floater. So the company and I worked things out, and I bought a refurbished HP, replaced surge protectors, replaced modem, etc. I (sort of) kept up with e-mail by going to a local cyber cafe, but that was it. Couldn't work on the book other than sketch out notes, etc. (Yes, I was most relieved when all the data was fine!) Definitely drove me crazy with no way to get online. My laptop died a year ago, so no backup for work. I plan to get one of those mini netbooks for work backup and travel. I'm very glad to be back online!

This coming Wednesday I take the red-eye out of Phoenix to Detroit, where I'll be met by Stephanie Hoyer and whisked off to the Western Reserve specialty. I will select my puppy there (the blue goes to co-breeder, so I have a chouice of four blacks), and hang out and watch the shows. Sunday evening I fly back and will spend the night in Phoenix before heading back up to Flagstaff. It will be so nice to have a baby in the house again!

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