Thursday, April 2, 2009

The National

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America is set to host the National Specialty beginning March 11th. The first few days are for performance events, such as obedience, herding, agility, etc. Then on Tuesday the 14th, conformation events begin. I plan to arrive Tuesday in the late afternoon or early evening, after driving from Flagstaff to Gettysberg, Pennsylvania. Two long days in the van, though two of us will share driving. I'm taking Panda and Cassidy as BOB entries, and will also be taking a Panda daughter, Gypsy (Kennedy's sister) since her owner is unable to travel because of her husband's health. Gypsy shocked everyone, including me, by debuting at her first show in 6-9 Months Puppy by taking BOB over specials *and* went on to take 4th in the Herding Group. This is extremely rare. But the breed judge was also doing the Herding Group, and obviously liked Gypsy so much he couldn't pass her up in the group for older, more experienced dogs. My friend Rita was thrilled.

Rita has been in Labs for over 30 years--she bred Angus--and had never expected to have another breed, but she fell in love with Cassidy and decided she wanted a blue girl. Panda very nicely cooperated and whelped a lovely blue girl. Gypsy was definitely promising, so she went to Rita and start growing into her promise. So since Rita won't be there, I'll show Gypsy for her in Sweeps and in the regular bitch classes. I feel badly that Rita can't come, but am very pleased to be able to show off Gypsy. And the only reason I haven't posted a win picture is because she ate it!


Jacqui said...

She ATE it??? Seriously??

Jennifer Roberson said...

Yep. Rita had put it up on a dresser in the dog room, and Gypsy apparently managed to jump up high enough to knock the picture down where she could get it. I was annoyed because I wanted a copy to advertise!