Thursday, April 2, 2009


Meet Vanessa, aka Kollage-Kismet's First Class. Vanessa was bred by Kathy Harper and as a puppy went to live with Debby Burnett, my original breed mentor. Though one of the happiest dogs ever seen in the breed ring with a tail that wagged so hard her butt wagged, too, she just never could win any points. I acquired her at age two, and I didn't do any better with her than Debby did! I bred her to Cloudy and she produced the Christmas litter, thus is Stuff's mom-dog. Later on I did try agility with her, but she really just wanted to hang out at home, so I retired her. She is 13.5 (Note: Vanessa crossed the bridge April 7th because of an agressive cancer. Godspeed, sweetheart.)

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