Saturday, June 13, 2009

Finnish National

Yaahoooo!!! Kennedy, aka Cheysuli's Tri To Remember, was awarded a CC at the Finnish National today. I am so pleased, and so proud of Taija and the boy. What a thrill!

For those not familiar with European shows--and that includes me!--this is like getting WD and five points at our National. He just needs two CCs now!

Congratulations Taija!


Taija said...

Thank you, Jennifer - both for the congrats and the awesome dog! Kennedy was photographed a lot so I hope I will get some of the photos in my mail to show him off. Now we're off to another show; pls keep your fingers crossed for his 2nd CC!

Traci said...

I'm so happy for team kennedy!!! :) he's SUCH a handsome dog! I'd like to place an order for one just like him! ;-)

Jennifer Roberson said...

And I would like to place an order for one just lime him, too! 8-) Here's hoping Fudge X Panda comes through again!