Friday, June 12, 2009

Tomorrow Is The Day

The Finnish National is tomorrow, yaaay! This will be Kennedy's debut in the specialty. He's had two reserve CCs and all his critiques are wonderful (In Europe the judges write a critique of the dogs), so Taija and I are hoping for a special day. Ironically, the judges are both American, Steve and Marieann Gladstone, who were two of my very first breed mentors many years ago. They have not seen Kennedy, so it will be very interesting to see how the boy does.

For CCs (champion certificates), a dog to gain his championship must win three CCs, and one must come after the dog turns two. So in the meantime we're hoping Kennedy can get his first two out of the way, then have fun trying to win more as he grows on to two. He can win as many CCs as are available, but he won't be a champion until he gets that first CC after he turns two. I've often thought that might be the way to go here in the States.


Miss Isabelle said...

Good luck!

Jennifer Roberson said...

Many thanks! 8-)

Holly said...

Best wishes!!!

dreameyce said...

I too wish we'd do SOMETHING to re-evaluate dogs as adults, even if just a NEW title, on top of the CH.

Personally, I'd also LOVE to see titles for veterans who hold up well. Give those oldsters in the breed more credit, than just clapping at specialties. I'd love ot see another title in front, or behind their names, if they still look good at a respectable old age for their breed.