Sunday, June 7, 2009

Flagstaff Show #2

Angus was 4th again today. 8-( In Cardis, Gypsy picked up another point and now needs just one to finish her championship. (Gypsy is Fudge X Panda and litter-sister to Taija's Kennedy.) Skye was third, and Cassidy didn't make BOS today. Same bitch special won, She got a Group 4 yesterday, so we had a Pem =and= a Cardi in the Group placements, which doesn't usually happen. I was tired and sunburned and did not stay for the Herding Group today. (Breaking down an EZ-Up canopy by yourself is particularly "fun" when your back keeps cramping! And there is nothing whatsoever "easy" about EZ-Ups!)


Holly said...

Go Gypsy! Sorry you didn't fare better with the others :-(

Traci said...

Missed seeing you - Hope you had fun!! :)

Jennifer Roberson said...

Thanks, Holly. The one saving grace is that Sunday Angus was 4th behind the WD who went on to BOB over specials, AND Group 1!

Traci, sorry you couldn't be there. It was a nice two days, though Saturday is was windy and cold, and Sunday still and hot enough to give my ankles a good sunburn from sitting at ringside for a long time. Fortunately I wore pants, not a skirt as originally planned, so it was just my ankles below the cuff of the pants. Could have been much worse! Though Flagstaff is much cooler than Tucson or Phoenix, the sun is much more intense at 7,000 feet.

Taija said...

Way to go, sis! I will try and make you proud (and 1st mom) next weekend!

Love, Kennedy